Building Project

Renovation Update – April 17. 2022

The process starts here. This guy may be the hardest worker because he never stops moving. The machine is a large air pump with a mixing tub on the back. I like this kind of stuff. They went through 5 truck loads of sand and two pallets of cement to pour the whole second story.

The “slurry” is blown through a large hose and comes out as seen here. It’s wet sand with a bag of cement that is just “dry” enough to blow through the hose.

The last step is is using this rotating disc to smooth out the flooring. The result is a near perfectly flat floor.

Oct 23, 2021

Here’s the latest update with an important announcement. To clarify one point, the Covind restrictions I mention only apply to non-vaccinated individuals. No one is allowed to go to a store and purchase anything, except food, if they don’t have the green vaccination passport. If you’ve taken the shot, you can move about as usual, except that you must wear a mask in all stores or anywhere outside when there are a lot of people around, like at sporting events.



August 1, 2021

We praise the Lord for the progress made so far this summer on the building renovation.

As I mentioned in the video, we praise the Lord for the funds raised in the States ($117,000) and in Romania ($44,000 to date) over the last several years. With what we have on hand, we should be able to finish the ground floor. As the Lord provides the funds, before the building permit expires* (or must be renewed) next summer, there is still a lot to do. For a few projects we have a good idea of the costs. But getting a bid for more than a week or two ahead of the work is practically impossible because of out-of-control inflation on all materials. The final $33,000 of our initial goal for funds from the States for this building project ($150,000), plus continued input from our church here, should cover the remaining work to be done. Below is a partial list.

* I am told that in Romania, once the exterior of the building is complete, and especially with the first floor being done, we can close the building project with city hall. After that, we can continue with the remaining interior work at our leisure. Even so, if the Lord permits, keeping the construction crew that we have busy would be better than trying to “piece meal” the work with projects while the crew is otherwise occupied with other jobs.

Required Structural Improvements.

  1. Iron mesh reinforcement for 2nd floor walls. About $400 for the iron mesh needed to cover the interior walls. (The men in the church can fasten the mesh to the walls.) The cement stucco (labor and materials) is not known at this time.
  2. Front balcony reinforcement. This is one of the requirements of the engineer. But the extent of the requirement has increased. A recent gift from a very generous member in one of our supporting churches should cover most, if not all, of this work. (When we told the church about the worked needed to be done, and then that the Lord had already provided the funds, the sacrifice of praise was offered before the Lord.) NOTE: We are still evaluating the extent of the work required to assure the structural integrity of the pillars and the best means to provide additional support.
  3. Second floor support wall. This is part of the iron mesh work, but this wall will require more extensive concrete work, plus reinforcement of the stairs to the attic attached to this wall. Labor and materials cost are unknown at this time.

Other Work for which we have a fixed priced or good estimate.

  1. Front courtyard pavement. $1,100 This bid could vary a bit, depending on the grade of the paving bricks that we choose.
  2. Driveway. $3,000 plus. My estimate based on being an area 3 times that of the front entryway.
  3. Front balcony windows and doors. $2,400 Offer given by the company from which we’ve purchased all the other exterior windows and door.
  4. Back “storage room” windows and door $1,125 Same as above.
  5. Interior doors for second floor (7) $130-150 each. Prices are from our local supply store.

Other work to be done.

  1. Back porch and rear-entrance stairs.
  2. Stairs to second floor
  3. Leveling of second story floor
  4. Paint second floor walls
  5. Second floor bathroom
  6. Second floor ceiling
  7. Support and re-working of stairs to attic which are attached to the wall that we must reinforce. (Instead of replacing them, the engineer told us that we can build a support frame underneath them.)
  8. Attic balcony.
  9. Attic windows.
  10. Second Floor Heating System (This will not be in-the-floor heating like the first floor. We’ll use the standard hot water fed radiators.)



May 9, 2021

Here is a short video update. Once we have the building permits are issued and in our hands, which should be very soon, we’ll be able to talk with the site foreman in more detail. For now, the folks in Living Hope Independent Baptist Church of Hunedoara want to thank you and praise God for you for the blessing that you are, both in praying for us and in your sacrificial giving that is making this possible. God bless you. (NOTE OF CORRECTION for something I said on the video: In regards to the structural reinforcement of the walls, I found out this evening that we misunderstood what the site foreman said. After looking at the drawings this evening, the only wall that we have to reinforce from the ground up is the wall at the back of the building. In a few weeks I’ll make another update video to give more a detailed report.) Thank you for your prayers.

A Short Progress video


Building Renovation Update – Sept. 20, 2020


Building Renovation Update – Aug. 2, 2020




Below is a video report inside the building. The video was initially made for a supporting church’s missions conference. So the prayer requests at the end are a bit dated.



Praise the Lord for the building that He has provided. Below are a few pictures of the outside of the building. I also want to share with you something about the delay we experienced before finding this place. Many of you prayed for a couple of years before the Lord led us to this particular location. And maybe it happened that some of you became discouraged when we lost the two buildings that we tried to buy. While such disappointments and uncertainty are often unsettling, when you are following the Lord, it always works out. The best way to illustrate the blessing of patiently waiting on the Lord is to compare what we have with what we lost. The last building that we had hoped to buy is not very far from our new place, though it is a bit further removed from the traffic flow of the city. You may remember that we had agreed to buy it but the seller sold it two days before we could meet with him. (Also, the other buyer paid the same price we were going to pay. So there was no advantage for the seller. But God had other plans for us.) Well, the buyer made the purchase and a few months later he demolished that nice house. He paid full price just for the land (plus the demolition costs)! Our building, pictured below, sits on a lot that is at least 50% larger than the one we lost. We paid about 11% more for this place than that buyer paid for the other lot, but we got about 50% more land, in a much better location, and we have a building! When we met with this seller, he told us that the price is basically the value of the land and that practically speaking, the building is free. I thought at the time that he’d make a good used car salesman, but the truth is, he was right. This “free” building is only partially built. The structure is solid and the layout works well for us. The interior is in the “brick and mortar” stage, but that’s all. Tibi, the retired building inspector in our church, believes that it will require more funds to finish the first floor than we have left over. We are doing everything we can to maximize the funds that you have entrusted to us. We have contacts and are pursuing ways to stretch your generosity as far as possible. Nonetheless, as we get started on the “big ticket” items with the funds that we have, we anticipate that there will be further opportunities for you to help us get the first floor ready to occupy sometime this summer. Sometime after the new year I hope to give you a more detailed view of our plans and needs to get the first floor ready to occupy.

The building faces east. Because of the fence, you can only see the second floor and the full sized attic, which has a balcony.








This view of the north side gives a better perspective of the size of the building.








Just inside the front gate you can see the front door which opens into what will be the church auditorium, another door that enters into a side room (possibly a future nursery) and the three front windows.








This S.E. corner shows the driveway leading to the backyard. The entire exterior will need to be insulated with thick (4 inches) styrofoam sheets.








This is the same corner as above but it lets you see a bit better into the backyard. The driveway is 11 feet wide.








The back of the property is beyond the tree in the middle, where the white gate is.








From the white gate looking towards the back of the building, you can get a better sense of what an 18,000 sq. ft. lot looks like.








The area under the back of building can be dug out a bit more for a garage and storage. There is a stairway up to the ground floor hallway in the front of the darker room in the middle.