Building Project

Many of you have prayed and given towards our church building fund. We are very thankful for your sacrifice and prayers. Since I haven’t said anything about this project since before Christmas, I wanted to use this forum to bring you update.

Below are a few pictures that are representative of the market here in Hunedoara. I didn’t include photos of the two buildings that we lost. With each photo there is a short paragraph describing the building.

The first photo below is a house that we’ve looked at twice. Initially I thought it had potential but now I don’t consider it to be a viable option due to the reasons mentioned below. These aren’t the only places available. Other places are for sale, but either their locations are not acceptable or they just won’t work for our needs, or the price is beyond reason.

Just about everyday Lyn checks realtor web sites for new listings. There has been only one new listing this year that appeared to be a possibility. When the realtor took us to see the place, the building itself was perfect but the location and situation was not at all acceptable.

Please continue to pray as we continue to search. I left the prices in euros to keep things in round numbers. Currently we have about 78,000 euros on hand. (One euro is about 1.13 dollars. So we have about $88,000.)


Price: 59,000 euros (negotiable) This old house and the extensive annex is near main market. (In the photo below you can see the original house with the dark wall and the add-on with the white wall.) The light grey roof on the left is the second story of the add-on across the back of the lot. There is a lot of wasted and unusable space because of a very strange floor plan. It has been vacant for at least 12 years. Mold is a serious problem. Leakage has caused some roof, ceiling and interior walls deterioration.
This is the side view of the above house. This exterior wall and the back wall border a public school yard. While this place is within our current budget, it’s suitability is very low. The seller’s uncle told us privately that the best thing to do with this place is to bulldoze it and rebuild from the ground up.


Price: 112,000 euros. This house is on the main road through town, near where we used to live. That road is currently being widened. Visibility is fairly good but the courtyard limits parking and street parking is not allowed. The location is just far enough into the housing area of town to make it less than ideal.


Price: 145,000 euros but they’ll take 135,000 euros. This tire store is spacious and across the street are apartment buildings.  While the location is fairly good, it would take a lot of investment to get away from looking too “industrial” (as one church member put it). We initially thought that the building could be remodeled a bit to make its appearance more acceptable, but that doesn’t seem like a reasonable option now. Since these photos were taken, the two mechanic bays were converted into self-serve car wash bays. The asking price is way beyond what we have, and after putting in the car wash, I’m not sure how that may have affected the price..


Price: 350,000 euros. No, I’m not proposing this building as a potential church building. It’s just here for reference. It is in the middle of the city, right behind the culture house. It is by far the most central location. It is new construction and looks to be well built. The ground floor is a dining/restaurant area. The upper two floors are individual rooms. We have no intention of going to see this building. We were just curious about the price and the layout.