Romania Review – Visiting Preacher, Video Update, Prayer Requests

Dear Praying Friends,
With the Blaj family visiting from a sister church in the town of Stei, near where we lived before moving here, the services today were especially blessed. The singing was strong, and the spirit was sweet, the preaching was clear and challenging.

The ladies’ excursion had to be postponed due to a last-minute schedule conflict. With the 100+ temperatures we had today, a trip into the depths of an old salt mine would have really been nice.

On our web page, I’ve posted a video update on the building project. The exterior walls are almost finished. Please take 11 minutes to watch the video and then another 2 minutes to read the information written just below the video. God has and is blessing. If you are reading this update directly in an email, you can click on the button below. If you received this update in the PDF format, you can click on the following link:

Please pray for the worker that I mentioned in the video who fell off the first level of the scaffolding. He has a hairline fracture in his right heel and is in a cast. His name is Adi.

Please continue to pray for little Anna. Doctors found another issue that must be resolved before treating her for the first one. None of this is life-threatening. It has to do with normal development which is being hindered. She is a precious little girl who has finally figured out that Brother Dan and Sister Lyn are ok, especially when she’s riding in our van. Please pray also for Sara (10) and Mia (8). Both are saved and both go to public schools. The pressures they’ll face in the future will try their faith immensely.

With August being vacation month for Europe, it looks like it will be a while longer before the utilities are hooked up. The electricians will be gone for the next two weeks. We’re still waiting for word from the gas and water companies. Patience is a virtue that I really need. And I need it now!

Dan and Lyn Sehested