Romania Review – Good Services, Covid Update, Superficial Christianity

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                         05-30-2021

Our Tuesday evening prayer time and Thursday evening “mid-week” service were well attended as were both services today. Almost all the ladies in the church were present for the ladies meeting on Saturday as Lyn brought the lesson and Pastor’s daughter, Deea, led the hand-craft time.

We are thankful that the “masks in public” mandate has been removed, but we’re still required to wear them in any enclosed areas (stores, mall). There is a lot of talk about the “vaccine” and possible requirements or special privileges, but there’s a lot of push-back on such ideas as well.

The work on the exterior of the building made some good progress this week. The builder, Stefan, is still trying to wrap up another job and has promised to work fulltime for us after that. (Right now there might be 2, 3, or 4 men working at any given time.) The other worker who is doing the first floor interior, Florin, is in the same situation. He hopes to be done with his other obligation within a week or so.

One of the ladies in the church called Pastor Mihai this past week to wish him a happy birthday. Then she went on to say that she wanted him to know how much she and her husband appreciated the church and the depth of the preaching and teaching. She was saved in her early twenties and her husband was saved at the age of 17. They spent decades in traditional Baptist churches here in Romania until a couple of years ago. They had become accustomed to superficial Christianity being supported by superficial church life, which she described as the norm in those circles. Both of them are now growing in depth and zeal like never before. We thank God for the blessing of having serious minded members who aren’t interested in superficial religion.

Dan and Lyn Sehested