Romania Review – Phase Two Begun

Dear Praying Friends,

We are thankful for the warmer weather and the good attendance that God is blessing us with these days. All the church members were in the services today.

With the building permit in hand, we are able to start the paperwork to get the utilities hooked up. This is another “test in patience” that will last a few weeks.

The exterior work has begun, as you can see from the photos below. The builder’s name is Stefan. He has a Pentecostal background but claims to be an atheist now. Finishing the exterior, together with the structural support improvements, is the single biggest job of the whole project. Please pray for the workers’ safety and for open hearts to the Gospel.

Please pray for Gheorghina (mid-seventies), Livia’s older sister. She has some serious health issues and is in need of assistance while living alone. Her primary need is salvation.

Dan and Lyn Sehested


The scaffolding will be four levels high to reach the crown of the roof. Here at the back of the building it is set on the back porch which is about five feet above the ground. The men are getting the wire mesh in place in preparation to wire it to the wall before covering it with a layer of concrete.
The wire mesh is 2×6 meters, 4mm wire that will be anchored to the wall, with 6mm rods going through the upstairs walls and fastened to wire mesh on the inside.
All this sand and a bunch more will make a thick, heavy slurry of concrete that will be applied by hand to the whole exterior of the building and to the second story interior walls.