Romanian Review – Building Permit, Work Bid, 1st Anniversary

Dear Praying Friends,

God blessed again today with good attendance and a good spirit of fellowship. Being able to meet in the big room is a blessing. Lyn was able to start the Sunday School class for the girls again today also.

Praise the Lord that we have received the building permit. With that in hand, we met with the site foreman and have started the process of getting utilities hooked up. This is another “hurry up and wait” process but at least we’re moving again.

Regarding Phase 2 of the project (the exterior), we have received a bid for the upstairs exterior walls’ reinforcement work. The bid covers just the labor and scaffolding. Tomorrow (Monday) another man is coming to see about the work also. Though it sometimes has felt like we’re trying to push a wrecking ball through sand, we’re thankful that things are starting to move again.

Today was the one year anniversary of the first time we held a service at our own property. Praise the Lord that this time we could not only meet inside, but in our new “auditorium”.

Dan and Lyn Sehested




















We recently got most of the back hall tile work done. We are very pleased with the work that the independent contractor, Florin, has done so far.