Romanian Review – “Clisa”, Graduates and video update

Dear Praying Friends,

It was a blessing today to have all church members in the services. The spirit and fellowship is wonderful. We had a great time last Monday at our church fellowship time in the back courtyard. One of the favorite Romanian snacks is called ‘clisa’. It’s from the belly of a pig. You take about a 3×5 inch piece of the skin with about 1.5 inches of fat still attached, insert a sharpened stick between the skin and fat, and cook it in an open fire. I had a one inch wide strip of it and it stuck with me for a couple of days.

We are thankful and praising the Lord for another generous gift this week for the building project. I’ve posted a short update video on our web site. You can click on the button below to go directly to the video or go to and find the Building Project page.

Sam and his fiancée Joy graduated from Bob Jones University Friday. Both will work through the summer in preparation for their wedding next September. We’re thankful that my sister and brother-in-law made the drive from Oklahoma and took a lot of pictures.

One of my “heroes of the faith” often said this: God is good. Every day. All the time. He certainly is, and we praise Him for it.

Dan and Lyn Sehested

Sam receiving his diploma.