Romania Review 10-11-20

Dear Praying Friends,
We were glad to see Dana’s brother Mihai come for both the Thursday evening and Sunday morning services. He is still waiting to be sent out on what will be a two-month truck route throughout western Europe. Everyone else was present for a good day of preaching, prayer, and praise.

On Tuesday evening, for our prayer time, Florin came with his 7-year-old daughter Mia. She had something she wanted to tell us. On Monday she got saved. One of the things she mentioned was that she had learned about having a heart of stone or a heart of flesh from Lyn during Sunday School. She told her dad that she wanted a heart of flesh. As we prayed around the circle, when it came to her, she didn’t hesitate. What a blessing it was to hear Florin say, “Now my family is complete”.

Not that much progress was made on the renovation this week as the workers had some difficulties to deal with. One of the problems was that Adi, Marian’s helper, cut himself when trying to cut drywall. They quickly headed to the hospital E.R. but were turned away because they were “too busy”. (Seriously, I’m not making this up.) A nurse that lives in Marian’s apartment block helped them some, but she said that he probably needed stitches. Adi wasn’t able to work the rest of the week.

This week Romania imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving from certain countries, including the USA. This regulation will continue for the foreseeable future. With that, and with continuing flight cancelations and difficulty rescheduling, Briana has decided to postpone her trip planned for the end of November until sometime next spring. We are praying that this will be over before the trip Sam and some friends have planned during the Christmas break.

Dan and Lyn Sehested