September Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

Isaiah 26:3, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayedon thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Yes, again, that is the same verse I used for the previous two prayer letters. As this year continues to be plagued by the “plague,” it seems appropriate to stick with this promise as a theme for these most trying times.

The Virus: Not only is it still here, but it appears that we will soon face another wave of infections and a very strict quarantine. There has been talk of a second wave that will hit this fall here in Romania. School has started, and students and parents are adapting to the protocols. Indoor gatherings are restricted, one church being fined $10,000 for violations.

The Building: For a video update about what’s been happening, please click one of the following links. For YouTube –  For our web site –
As I mention in the video, we still don’t have the building permits, but that’s not a hindrance to proceeding with renovations. The first-floor tile has been ordered, and drywall for the back half of the building is going up. In the video, I point out that, as we complete Phase 1 of the renovation (the first floor), we will stop further indoor work until we can complete the exterior (Phase 2). The structural support work for the second-story walls, together with the insulation, will then be the focus of our efforts. Without utilities, as colder weather develops, we will have to adapt to each forecast to help our people focus on the Lord during church services and not on the cold.

The People: In preaching through the Gospel of John, chapter 6 brought our attention to false disciples, those who had been associated with Jesus for a time but then walked away. We have a number of people who, over the past 10 years, came for a while, some showing clear conviction, and yet walked away. With some of them, if we happen to meet them on the street, they will turn away quickly. Our church family prays for them and for others who need salvation.
Florin Vlase is leading our Sunday morning prayer time each week and opens with a short challenge. This is a man who would not even pray in public just a few years ago. Lyn is meeting with Livia and teaching her how to get more out of her devotions. Others are steadily growing in their faith.

Thank you for your prayers for Briana. After more tests and evaluations, her cardiologist has told her that her heart is not strong enough for her to continue working as a CNA. She still has occasional tachycardia flare-ups and asthma attacks. Medication that helps the first condition aggravates the second. The doctor told her to take care of herself and come back in three years. She’s living with a good family now and that is providing the more stable environment that she needs. God has done some amazing things for her in the past couple of months. Sam is doing well as a senior at BJU, though the Covid protocols have greatly hindered many aspects of college life.

We thank the Lord for you, our prayer supporters. May God bless you all in these unusual times.

Dan and Lyn Sehested