Romania Review 09-06-20

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers during my return flight to Romania. Saying good-bye to Briana wasn’t easy but it was a blessing to see God work as we sought arrangements for her. The flights went well, without any delays or problems. The overseas flight didn’t have but maybe 20% of the seats occupied. Tibi and Genica picked me up at the airport in Bucharest and brought me home. About halfway we stopped at a roadside rest stop which is known for its good Romanian grill. It was a great “first meal” back in Romania.

Telling you that the floor was done was one thing, seeing it was something else. It looks amazing. Drywall has been delivered. I’m not sure when it will be put up. I’ll put another video update on the web site in a few days.

Attendance was really good today. The Balusa family came again. I found out that their church is closed. Even Terezia is coming as well as Elena. Florin is giving a challenge before the prayer time. Spiritual growth is a blessing to see.

Jet lag is doing its thing, so I’m going to close here. Thank you again for your prayers.

Dan and Lyn Sehested