Romania Review 05-05-19

Dear Praying Friends,                               

The Lord blessed today through the preaching and teaching of His Word and through the fellowship of the saints.

This evening Dana Vlase gave her salvation testimony before the church. Part of what she said illustrates the change that God has made in her life. Several years ago, on a particular Saturday evening, we were holding a Bible study at the church. Florin and several others were present. Dana became so angry with the church that she took her daughters to her mother’s place and headed towards the church. Her intention was to break out all the windows. In her rage, as she walked around, she could not find the building, even though she knew where it was. God blinded her to protect her from serious legal consequences and from the scandal it would have caused. When she finally gave up and went home, Florin was already there. Then she got scared as to what she tried to do. Later, at the end of a long second shift work day, as she was going home, the thought of suicide came to her mind. That scared her. She spoke of how the Lord began to work in her heart before she surrendered to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. After several months of fears and counsel, she finally got on her knees in her apartment and called upon the Lord, in February 2018.

Next week Dana will be baptized. Yesterday she went to each of her family members (parents, sisters and her brother) and told them of her decision. Having been baptized in the Pentecostal church at 18, the potential for trouble was high. But in the past year since her salvation, Dana has grown enough that she was able, with conviction and clarity, to explain her reason for being baptized “again”. Each one accepted her decision without a problem. In fact, when she spoke with her brother, Mihai, his comment was, “Yeah, my baptism at 18 was worthless also”.  We are expecting several visitors for the service next Sunday.

Today Livia, now 67, celebrated the fifth anniversary of her salvation. During the morning service each member gave the age at which they were saved. The youngest was Deea Czentye at 6. Livia was the oldest, at 62. Praise the Lord who saves any who will turn to Him when the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment to come.

Please pray for Sergiu. He suffered a serious eye injury last Wednesday and will have a second surgery this week.

Dan, Lyn, Sam & Briana Sehested