Romania Review 04-07-19

Dear Praying Friends,                               

We were glad to see Nelu Balusa and his two daughters come to the evening service. Tibi and Genica made it to the morning service but their lifestyle of traveling much and seldom being in town make their attendance very sporadic. Florin’s dad, Ioan, is feeling much more comfortable in this town. That is contributing to him frequently not coming to church with Florin and Dana.

Speaking of Dana, today she announced that she will follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. This step has been a struggle because the consequences here can be much more severe than what you’ll find in the States. It will be a couple of weeks before I can go get our portable baptistry which is being stored in Lugoj. Baptisms are a big deal here. It will be a special day in which more visitors than usual attend. Please pray for this service, the date of which I’ll announce later.

This Friday Briana will take the ACT in Bucharest. It’s not required for the college she’ll attend. She just wants to try it. We’ll enjoy the outing.

Dan, Lyn, Sam & Briana Sehested